About us

Simple, affordable and reliable.

That’s the Upstaff promise.

Upstaff exists to help your business acquire skilled and experienced virtual employees in the Philippines. We search for and select the best person for the job. And we take care of all the onboarding too.

Put simply, it’s our business to find and train the right person for your business – quickly and seamlessly. And from just $7 an hour, they’ll soon be an indispensable yet affordable member of your team.

A truly bespoke selection process

It’s not about who we have. It’s about who you need.

At Upstaff, we won’t give you a mountain of resumes and leave you to sift through them all. Nor do we just select whoever happens to be ‘on the market’. (That’s what dating apps are for!)

Instead, we take the time to learn about your business and specific skill requirements. We then match you with one or more of our qualified ‘Upstaffers’ and get them up to speed for you, quick smart.

Proven professionals from the Philippines

Whatever your industry, whatever the role, we’ll find you the right person for the job.

But not just any person. All our team members are tertiary qualified and experienced – and ready for any challenge you throw their way.

And because all our people are from the Philippines, they are proficient in English, culturally compatible, and widely known for their strong work ethic.

Ready to go from day one

At Upstaff, we do things a little differently.

Once we’ve found your new employee, we take care of all the training and onboarding. That includes all your workplace practices and internal systems.

This means that when your new virtual employee turns up for work on day one, they’re already geared and ready to go.

100% dedicated to you

Your new employee will work full time for one business only. Your business.

And that means you’ll have a team member who’s fully committed and loyal to
you. No juggling with other employers. No competing priorities.

What’s more, you manage them directly – with no middle person getting in the way.

Totally transparent and accountable

Your new staff member won’t be working from home, a café or wherever else that might suit them.

They’ll be based in our Philippines office every day of the working week – under the supervision of a local Upstaff manager.

What’s more, they’ll work according to your hours and schedule. No time zone issues to worry about. And with our Upstaff monitoring software, you’ll always be able to see the exact details of their daily activities.

Saving on all fronts

With us, you can save on staff costs without compromising on quality.

Depending on the role you’re looking to fill, you could have a skilled and dedicated virtual employee for just $7 an hour. Compared to hiring locally, this represents a potential 80% saving
on salary – year after year.

Plus, they’ll free up your Australian staff, allowing them to focus on the high-value tasks you hired them for.

Best of all, you get a free two-week trial to try this out – with no obligation whatsoever!

A workplace culture that benefits you

At Upstaff, we believe that happy, well-rewarded staff are more productive and engaged.

That’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to looking after our team in the Philippines. They work in a premium and dedicated office space. They are well remunerated. And they have access to all the employee benefits they deserve – and more.

Because they’re well cared for, your virtual employee will always be able to perform to their utmost potential.

Try us out –

Your opportunity to give us a go – with no obligation whatsoever.

Got a role you need to fill?

Then tell us what you’re after so that we can find the right person for you.